TQRS., Inc. - Virginia provides the following services:


Congregate residential supports to youth. These supports enable the youth to improve/maintain his or her health/medical status, improve abilities, acquire new home living and community skills, and demonstrate safe and appropriate behavior for his or her community.


TQRS., Inc. - District of Columbia provides the following services:

1)       Residential Habilitation;

2)       Supported Living;

3)       Respite;

4)       Host Home; and

5)       In-Home Supports


TQRS., Inc. - Maryland, accepts children from 0 to age 21. The children we serve have conditions ranging from mild pre-natal drug exposure to the most complex conditions, such as ventilator dependence. Other common health issues served by our program include seizure disorders, cerebral palsy, shaken baby syndrome, reactive airway disease and HIV/AIDS. Many of the children placed with us also have developmental delays or some degree of mental retardation.


Total Quality Residential Services, Inc. has a wealth of information about ways to improve the health and well-being of residents served. You can put your trust in our professional and experienced team. We always have the health and well-being of our resident at heart.


Our services at a glance


Virginia - Residential Group Home - service limited to providing care and treatment to adolescent girls, ages sixteen (16) to eighteen (19) years of age with intellectual disabilities or mental health disorders 

District of Columbia - Residential Group Home, Supported Living, Respite and Host Homes services to adults with intellectual disabilities 


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