Welcome to Total Quality Residential Services, Inc.!

If you would like to place your love one in a safe, nurturing and warm setting, Total Quality Residential Services, Inc. with its professional and experience staff is definitely the right place. See what Total Quality Residential Services, Inc. and its experienced team can do for your love one.


Total Quality Residential Services, Inc., a private non-profit agency, who is licensed and/or approved to provide residential services in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Our Mission / Services

It is the mission of Total Quality Residential Services, Inc. to facilitate and support meaningful lifestyles for the people we serve.


We provide residential services to people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, to include medically fragile, profound disabilities, complex medical needs, and with mild behaviors. To learn more, click here.

About Us

Learn more about our approach, our staff and the benefits of turning to us for assistance. For information about us and our services, click here.